Better understand iME Terms and Definitions

Account Management

is where businesses can manage their iME account profile.

Profile Updates: Updating company specific details such as address, contact person, vat number and company registration

Contract Management: Signed agreements, any addendums or important notices

Custom Branding: Updating company profiles and marketing assets like logos

Online Invoices and Statements: View invoices and statements and receive payment reminders

Subscription details: Details the current package, cost and features. It also displays the payment method selected, your customer relationship manager

User Management

Is where businesses manage users on the iME platform

User Types: Internal Users are users that belong to the business such as employees. External Users are 3rd party users who are invited to perform certain actions as requested by the business from time to time. An example of an external user would be an employee of another business / individual who rates an interview or judges an award

User Permissions: The system administrator provides certain permissions to internal and external users of the platform. The permissions are feature based meaning that a user is only allowed to action features if they are assigned the permission to do so

Insights & Analytics

Is where businesses manage usage on the iME platform that allow them to make informed decisions

Pricing and Features

iME have 3 options for a business to make use of the platform

Subscription: We offer multiple pricing options to cover all your needs

Distribution: If you would like more information please click here

Purchase: If you would like more information please click here

Product Capabilities

Recruitment: Streamline the recruitment process by using videos for upfront screening

Awards: Create an inclusive business culture by enabling video submissions for business awards

Learning: Adopt and embrace a growth mindset by providing different learning styles through video content

Marketing: Provide a platform for both customers and employees to be brand ambassadors for your organisation

Auditions: Find top talent through the use of video interviews

Video Interviews

One-Way Video Interviews: Create video questions and receive video answers at your convenience

Video Uploads: Businesses and applicants can make use of their own videos by uploading it to the platform

Intro Videos: Introduce yourself or your Business to your target audience

Outro Videos: Send a Thank you message or closing statement to your target audience

Cover Videos: Replace your cover story with a cover video

Video minutes: This is the total number of video minutes that you are allowed to use. The minutes allocation is based on the package selected.

Think Time: This is the thinking time allowed to answer a question. This time is set per question

Answer Time: This is the time allocated for an applicant to answer a question.

Answer Ratings: Each answer is rated on a scale from 1-5. 1 being poor and 5 being excellent


Questions Sets: Text based questions and video based questions. These sets could also be a combination of both text and video based questions

Minimum Requirements: this feature is used to apply an eligibility criteria. If minimum requirements are not met, the applicant cannot proceed to the interview

Multimedia Uploads: this allows for answer submissions other than a video response, a file or pdf upload


Our Support is available from 08h00 to 17h00 daily and can be contacted using the following methods

Support Team: Can be contacted on contact us

Support Portal: Can be accessed on Smartsupp


Dedicated Client Manager is allocated and can be viewed on your business profile. Dedicated client managers are only available on the Diamond Package


Should you need training on the iME platform, please select an option below

Book online training session: Contact us for more information

Book in person training: Contact us, alternatively contact your dedicated client manager


Privacy: View our Privacy Policy here

Terms: View our Terms here

End User: View our User Notice here

AWS: Learn more about AWS here

Distributor: Learn more about iME Distribution here


All devices with a microphone and camera that complies with the below device specific minimum requirements

Windows: (Recommended)

Version supported:  Windows 10

Browser supported: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge. (latest versions)


Version Supported: 10 and above
Browser Supported: Google Chrome. (latest version)


Version Supported: iOS/iPadOS 14.3 and above, macOS 10.14 and above
Browser Supported: Safari & Google Chrome. (latest versions)

General Definitions

Applicant: Individual who is responding to a video interview request

Distributor: Business who is licenced to distribute the iME product and services to their own end users. Such end users would be other businesses. Distributor term of use

Purchaser: Business who has purchased an instance of the platform for their internal use and will be liable to maintain, support and enhance the product for their internal use only, ie. for use by their employees.

Business: Company or Organisation

Partners: Suppliers and Customers of iME

ATS: Applicant Tracking System. iME is not an ATS however we provide integration to an existing ATS.

Integration: Exchange of data with 3rd party applications

API: Application programming interface. Contract defining how two applications communicate using requests and responses



Guide: Download our How to Guide here or Watch the video here.


Guide: Download our How to Guide here.
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